three-phases track lights rail

three-phases track lights rail

  • L-SYSTEM rails
  • High qualify aluminium case
  • Copper wire inside the rails
  • Three years warranty
  • Made in Turkey



three-phases track lights rail is one of the most practical features of railing systems. In the rail system using a three-phase rail, you can control and turn off and on the rail lights placed inside the rail separately in 3 branches. In other words, by using the three-phase rail, you can simultaneously turn on some of the rail lights and turn off some others.

This advantage helps you to easily access and control all the lights with a three-phase rail in different spaces, instead of using several single-phase rail branches to separately control the rail lights.

In addition, another advantage of the three-phase rail is the power equivalent to 3 times that of the single-phase rail. Structurally, inside the 3-phase rail, there are three sections related to phase and one section related to zero.

In addition to the ability to connect each of these phases to a key for separate control, you can benefit from a single-phase rail with greater tolerance by connecting 3 phases to each other.

The appearance and design of the three-phase rail is not much different from the single-phase rail, and you can still use this rail to design your rail system according to your design and plan. Three-phase rail connectors in (I) shape, (L) shape, (T) shape and (X) shape give you the ability to place the rails in the way and shape you want.

In terms of manufacturing quality, Ecowat’s three-phase rails, like single-phase rails, are prepared and produced from a quality aluminum body with a copper belt as a conductor.

Additional information

Rail type

header rail, rail connector

Rail material


Rail length

0.5 m, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m

Rail colour

black, white

Conductor type

copper straps


pendant cable, rail connector, rigid pendant


-Installation to the ceiling through screws and roll plates or installation using cables


Ecowat 3 years products warranty

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