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Types of commercial lighting and retail store lighting with LED lights

Nowadays, LED commercial lighting and lighting in stores have become very important because of the increase of competition in the market of various products, the advancement and professionalization of marketing and sales processes, as well as the increase in the importance of the effect of space decoration on the psychology of customers. According to a research, a quality retail light can be so effective in creating an attractive atmosphere in the space which can multiply your sales. So, if you want to develop your business, make your products better visible and differentiate your store, showroom or gallery, look for commercial lighting , showcase lights, or in general, quality LED commercial lighting using retail track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, linear lights. Stay with us with this article.

What is the importance of retail and commercial lighting?

The light of the shop or store is important for different Reasons. The first role of the commercial light is to illuminate the space in such a way that all the products in the stores or exhibitions can be seen properly. This visibility depends on the amount of light in the store, which is expressed by Lux. Subject to the type and use of the store, light from 600 lux to 1500 lux can be provided in different sections. The second role of store lighting is to highlight the products and attract the full attention of a customer. For example, the store window light, by fully lighting the window, attracts the full attention of customers and is the first step in turning a window-shopper into a customer and entering your store. Inside the store, different lights, including store track lights, built-in store lights, multi-house lights, and linear lights, draw attention to different products. So your store lighting should be used in a way that draws all attention to your product. The third role of shop lighting is to be decorative and affect the decoration of the space. The so-called decorative lamp, apart from the effect on the lighting of the space, by creating contrast (contrast) in the lighting level of different parts, attracts all attentions to the desired points. Also, by using a decorative light, such as a linear light, you can guide customers in your desired path to go from one point of the store to another.

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    Executive projects with Ecowat’s track lights

    Commercial LED lighting is the most important visual aspect of the store. High-quality light attracts customers to the store space, and on the other hand, poor quality light causes them to leave the store in a short period of time. Also, keep in mind that there are many costs involved in setting up a store, and in order to see these costs and the visual beauty of your store, you need to show them appropriately, and proper lighting plays the most important role here. In this video, you can see an example of high-quality store lighting with Ecowat lights.

    The effect of lighting on sales

    There is a big difference between just hearing something and proving it to you with evidence. When you are told that the impact of lighting on sales is high, it is not so hard to accept. It is certainly clear to all of us that the performance of two similar stores with different lighting, one good and the other poor, will have great differences. But if we tell you that a scientific research has proven that the difference in commercial lighting causes a 12% difference in sales, then this issue will turn from an obvious argument to a scientific fact that is impossible to deny. Many factors influence the sale of a collection. TV ads, discount festivals, store location, seasonal time, people’s purchasing power and economic factors such as inflation, and even the weather. But what is the role of the effect of lighting on the amount of sales and income of the store?

    Munish Datta, the executive director of the M&S chain of stores, who recently changed the lighting system of all stores to LED lights, believes that the profitability of this light in terms of increasing sales is much higher than saving energy and reducing maintenance costs that were previously LED lights were mentioned as financial benefits, but it is still necessary to conduct research on the effect of lighting on sales, especially around lighting products with high CRI.

    Types of LED commercial lighting and buying retail lights

    As you know, store lights, including ceiling lights, showcase lights, wall lights and decorative lights, have a lot of diversity and are used for different purposes. The types of retail lights include: retail track lights, recessed ceiling lights from 5 watts to 60 watts and 100 watts, recessed lights with 1*1,1*2 and 1*3 frames, linear lights, LED panels, and in some cases, LED flood lights. . In this section, we will discuss these lights and how to purchase them.

    Retail recessed light (built in lights)

    Recessed lights are an integral part of lighting systems. The importance of these lights is in unifying the space and occupying less space by the lights so that the best light is provided from the least occupied space in the visible space of the store. All kinds of built-in lights and halogen type from 5 watts to 60 watts, built-in linear lights and dark light (Laser blade) as well as 1*1, 1*2 and 1*3 framed built-in lights are among the types of store built-in lights.

    LED retail light AR111

    One of the most popular and modern built-in LED lights for commercial spaces and stores among Donlights are single, double, triple and generally modular built-in lights. This category of store lights are known by different names such as  1*2 , 1*3 built-in store light, modular built-in lamp, store built-in lamp, or AR111 built-in light. The number 111 in this vocabulary refers to the 111 mm diameter cut of this lamp. This size is used as a standard in identifying and using store built-in lights. Each module or lamp inside the frames of the AR111 store light has the ability to rotate inside the frame. The color rendering index of this lamp is higher than 95 and makes the objects clear and transparent. The light quality of the AR111 built-in lamp also makes it one of the best options for store lighting. Ecowat’s recessed lights are offered in modular form in 25W and 35W power with various single, double, triple frames and with 5 years unconditional replacement warranty. Click on the link below to see the price and purchase.

    Retail Track lighting

    The store track light is one of the lights whose popularity among business and store owners is increasing every day. The excellent light of the track light, along with the ability to move and rotate in the desired space, makes it possible to use it in different decorations. The high diversity of the retail track light is another reason for the acceptance of this light in different commercial spaces. For example, cylindrical track light, laser blade track light in which the light source is without glare, shutter track light and models like this are among the types of track lights. Track light is a light that you can use to focus the light on the product you want, create a decorative space based on the architectural concept of the space, and fund the beauty of your space. The store track light is used in different spaces, such as on the shelves, showcase, and main space and on the walls and ceilings.

    Linear light

    Linear lights with their minimal, beautiful and modern appearance can be your trump card in lighting. These lights in different types and sizes can be customized according to your needs and can be installed in any space in the form of built-in, surface and hanging  (suspended). Linear light can be used both as general light and decorative light. To use a linear light, you can place it in the center of your store, or illuminate different paths with a linear light. The continuous length of the linear light and its geometric appearance can direct the human eye to different parts of the store or business center.