About us

بنر صفحه درباره ما - اکووات

About Ecowat

Ecowat, the brand of Behin Noor Sarmad products, was established in 2012 by the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering of Tehran University, using local knowledge with private investment, with the aim of upgrading and disseminating domestic technologies to improve energy consumption, especially in the lighting sector.

Products and Services

After successful experience in trading and importing various high-tech electronic components (High-Tech), in 2012, in order to expand its activities, “Ecowat” started to launch the production line of various lamps and lights with LED technology under the Ecowat brand.

This production unit has various products such as LED lamps of different power and shapes, commercially used LED lamps with various frames in different models and designs. All “Ecowat” products are designed domestically and by local experts and the best raw materials are used in their production.

In addition to its mass-produced bulbs and lamps, Ecowat has also designed special bulbs that save on the cost of replacing old bulbs.

More beautiful light for a better life

Ecowat hopes to achieve the following goals with the help of careful planning and experienced specialists:

  1. To help our esteemed country Iran become self-sufficient in the production of various kinds of lamps and LED lights
  2. All citizens benefit from high-quality standard LED lamps
  3. To avoid wasting national capital and save energy and help reduce lighting cost for Iranian family
  4. Localization of LED lamp technology and its components and parts, and laying the groundwork for the growth of new technologies using the country’s best experts and graduates of the best universities
  5. Production of quality products and export of this product to different neighboring countries and the world
بنر صفحه درباره اکووات


Market leadership based on customer trust:

Ecowat is trying to draw new horizons in the lighting industry with “LED” technology by using the most experienced local engineers and by designing and supplying various products with different home and commercial applications, and in this direction, the biggest target for “Ecowat” is to gain the trust of the customer.


Iranian capital, global technology:

“Ecowat” hopes that in the shadow of Almighty Allah, with the help of careful planning and experienced experts, it will be able to combine beauty and quality by using the latest technology in the production of lighting products with “LED” technology. By offering various products and new and unique services, it will lead to higher living standards and thus to an increase in customers’ productivity and satisfaction.


Ecowat depends on the following values:

  • Competence: quality, innovation
  • Ethics: Commitment, trust, transparency
  • Environment: Reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency

Ecowat Group always strives for flexibility and adaptability of lighting products according to the daily needs of its customers. Today there is a demand for quality goods in the world market and the effort to provide this is important and always and in any case constitutes the main focus of the Ecowat team. We hope we can provide your light like “day” with a new identity and a new image.