35 watt AR111 LED light

35 watt AR111 LED light

  • Nichia high-grade chips
  • 20 and 40 degrees reflector
  • High qualify aluminium case
  • Three years warranty
  • Special aluminium frame
  • DIAlux plugin
  • Made in Turkey



  • Characteristics of the 35 AR111 COB LED light:

The 35-watt AR111 lamp is the best alternative to metal halide and halogen lamps. In terms of light quality, electricity consumption, the amount of heat produced and of course the lifespan, it is very suitable for lighting from inside the false ceiling in commercial places. The type of chip used in the 35 watt AR111 lamp is very high quality and has an output light with a high color rendering index (CRI>95) and the heat sink used in it causes the maximum heat produced by the LED to be transferred to the outside environment, which has a significant effect in Increasing the life of the lamp.

These options have made AR111 the best choice for lighting stores, show rooms, retails and shops.

  • LED;

The light source of this AR111 lamp is COB type with high LED density, which gives this lamp the ability to create stunning and concentrated light. The number of chips used in COB of this lamp is 144, which can be counted with the naked eye. It is recommended that you never look directly at the COB of this lamp because it will damage your eyes.

  • CRI;

CRI, color rendering index, is a measure to evaluate the color quality of objects under light. The higher the CRI of a light source, the more natural the colors are for the human eye. In fact, CRI = 100 is only related to sunlight and every human-made light source is less than this value. Ecowat commercial lamps use LED chip with CRI>95, which gives very high resolution to the objects under this light which is vey important for retail lighting.

  • AR111 35W LED driver;

One of the most important parts of any LED lamp is its power source. The LED diode is a sensitive element and needs a constant current to emit uniform light. In the Ecowat AR11 retail light, a driver with a constant current output is used, which is equipped with an active power factor correction circuit at the input, which is especially important for commercial places that have to pay for reactive power in their electricity bill. Today’s electronic drivers have energy-storing capacitors on their input and output sides, which reduce the distortion caused by city electricity and increase the life of the lamp. These capacitors in this lamp are selected to work at high temperature and high ripple current, which results in a long life and a 5-year warranty. If these capacitors were of poor quality, the lamp would start flashing after being used for a while and eventually lead to burning of the lamp.

  • Heat sink and light reflector of 35 watt AR111

In addition to producing light, the 35-watt AR111 lamp also produces heat. The idea that the LED lamp does not heat up is related to the old lamps with a power of less than 1 watt, whose heat is practically not felt by humans. The heat of this lamp must be transferred to the outside by an aluminum radiator. If the LED chip overheats, it will lose light over time. In the design of the heat sink, in addition to the length and volume of the aluminum section, the number of fins and the production technology are also effective in its heat dissipation. The Ecowat 35W commercial light has an aluminum extrusion heatsink and machined suitable for COB heat dissipation. LED light has the advantage over other light sources before it that it is highly directional. But where the light needs to be completely focused (Spot), a reflector is needed to reflect all the light rays in one direction. The reflector of the 35-watt AR111 Ecowat lamp is made of heat-resistant, plated aluminum, which prevents the surface of the reflector from becoming cloudy, and its efficiency will remain constant over time. The 35 watt AR111 Ecowat lamp is produced with two different reflectors of 20 and 40 degrees and can be used instead of 80-150 watt halogen lamps in AR111 frames.

  • Other features of 35W COB LED light;

All the lamps produced by Ecowat, after being produced according to the standard, stay on for 24 hours at the voltage of the city, then turn on and off 1000 times at the same voltage. In the next step, they work for 4 hours at 180 volts and 4 hours at 240 volts, then it is transferred to the packaging department. Therefore, after passing these strict tests, the probability of failure during work is very close to zero. Because Ecowat is aware of the additional costs imposed for the warranty, and we know that the cost and time wasted to refer to the after-sales service department is sometimes higher than the price of the lamp itself, and we believe that with such tests, we reduce the probability of this incident as much as possible. Ecowat LED lamp consumes less energy than halogen and metal halide lamps, and as a result, gives less heat to the environment. This means that in addition to lower electricity costs, it heats the environment less, and as a result, there is no need to overwork the air conditioning system in hot seasons. As we know, mercury is one of the main elements in the production of discharge lamps such as energy-saving lamps, Fluorescent lamps, which is very toxic and dangerous if mercury is broken and spread in the environment. Ecowat LED lamp is chemically free of mercury and toxic elements. After some time, the phosphor coating in the Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps gets small scratches that are not visible to the eye, but UV rays pass through it. Excessive presence of ultraviolet rays in the environment leads to an increase in the probability of skin cancer in consumers. Ecowat LED lamps do not have dangerous UV radiation and the health of its light is approved by experts.

  • Applications and key points when installing the 35 watt AR111 lamp;

This lamp is available separately as well as with various square and circular frames. It should be noted that due to the height of the aluminum heat sink behind this lamp, at least 20 cm space behind this product is required for its proper installation. Clearly, the more space there is, the more air flows in it, the longer the useful life of the lamp increases due to the better cooling of the heat sink. Due to the cooling nature of the heat sink, there must be air flow in the place where the lamp is installed. Choosing the color of (3000K or Warm White), (5700K or Cool White) or daylight (4000K or Natural White) is completely based on your need and can be selected based on the amount and color of the external light, the type and dominant color of the interior decoration, The type of product for sale. For example, cool light is usually used in pharmacies, while warm white color is more popular in clothing stores. This lamp is one of the most widely used lighting sources for lighting indoor environments, showcases, commercial centers, etc. Unlike the rail lamp which is usually installed on the ceiling to light up showcases, signs and other objects on the wall or standing, this lamp is the best source of light to provide lighting for products that are presented on horizontal showcases. Like other reflector lamps, paying attention to the angle of the lamp is very important. According to the 20-degree reflector of this lamp, at a distance of 2 meters from the place of installation on the work surface, the minimum intensity of light in a circle with a diameter of 0.66 meters is 4300 lux, and also at the same distance of installation (2 meters) on the work surface, the intensity the light is provided in a circle with a diameter of 1.44 meters, 1400 lux light with a 40 degree reflector. So the buyer can make the best choice depending on the distance and the amount of light needed.

  • Usages of 35 watt AR111 COB LED lamp:
    • Lighting of commercial and office spaces.
    • Store window lighting.
    • Shopping centers and business environments.
    • Lighting up showrooms



Additional information

Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 10 cm
Luminous flux

3291 lumen in cool light

Rated power

35 W

Consumed power

34.7 W

Luminous efficacy

94.8 lm/w

Maximum light intensity

18427 candela

Body color

black frame, white frame

Angle of beam

20 degrees, 40 degrees

Color and temperature

cool light (5700 k), natural light (4000 k), warm light (3000 k)

Color rendering index (CRI)



Flicker Free

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)




LED number and type

COB LED (144pcs Nichia Chips)

Input current

185mA, PF>0.55

Input voltage


Dim ability

non dimmable

Number of allowed switching

100,000 times

Time to reach 100% light

0 second

Amount of mercury (Hg)

0 gram


rectangle frame (1*2), rectangle frame (1*3), round recessed frame (cutout size:16), square frame

Ingress protection (IP)



400 g


Ecowat 3 years products warranty

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