15 watt COB LED downlight

15 watt COB LED downlight

  • Nichia high-grade chips
  • 20 and 40-degree reflector
  • Three years warranty
  • Driver designed by Ecowat
  • High qualify aluminium case
  • Made in Turkey



  • Features of the 15-watt built-in lamp;

15 watt COB LED Ecowat built-in light for uniform illumination of the environment with the least amount of shadow and minimum glare, suitable for general lighting in office, home, hospital and store environments.

In the following, we will try to provide you with the information you need to know before buying an Ecowat built-in light.

  • Adequate general lighting

General ambient light means light that is suitable for daily activities, living and working in a space. Ecowat 15W built-in lamp is one of the best options for general lighting. The built-in light of Ecowat has several outstanding parameters, which are mentioned below.

  1. Light distribution and light source radiation angle;

The more uniform the light of an environment and the less bright-and-dark spots in a room and the more suitable the light is for life and work. Because the pupil of the human eye unconsciously adapts itself to the new light with every change in brightness, and if there are points with a large difference in light in an environment (the so-called scattered light), the human eye adapts to a new light every time The dark or bright spot looks, adjusts itself to the received light intensity, and this action tires the pupil muscles and shows itself in the form of headache and lack of concentration. Observing the uniformity of light both in the interior light and in the road lighting will greatly calm and focus the consumer.

  1. Light color;

In general, warm colors are more suitable for living and dining areas and bring more peace. But long-term use of this light leads to drowsiness and is not recommended for the work environment. Also, white lights increase concentration and reduce sleepiness. For this reason, it is recommended to use more white lights in workplaces and offices. The noteworthy point here is that this light raises the level of alertness stimuli in the body and long-term use of this light, especially during meals, causes stress and sleep disturbance. By combining Ecowat lights, you will get the most benefit by using warm lights in dining areas, kitchens, clothing stores, and white lights in the office and pharmacy.

  1. The color rendering index (CRI) and clarity of the recessed 15 watt light;

CRI or the color rendering index is a parameter between 0 and 100, and the higher this number is, the higher the clarity of colors and the visual quality of objects under light. It should be noted that this parameter has a great impact on the price of the LED chip. For example, a chip with CRI=95 is about four times that of an LED with CRI=75, and the higher this number is, the price of the LED chip grows exponentially. Tekwat 15W COB built-in lamp with CRI equal to 95 is among the high resolution category among general lighting lamps and objects with natural color are displayed under it.

  1. Brilliance;

The radiation of light rays in such a way that they enter the eye directly before being spread by the surface of the objects, causes the brightness of the luminous object. This phenomenon is desirable and beautiful in the case of jewelry and mirror work, but if this parameter exceeds a certain limit for a light source, it causes eye discomfort and remains like black spots in the visual memory for minutes. The 15W recessed COB Ecowat light with a high-efficiency diffuser prevents this phenomenon and does not cause eye discomfort.

  1. The light intensity of the recessed light;

The brightness of a lamp depends on the sum of all the light rays coming out of a source. The higher this value, the more the lamp lights up a room. Be aware that, the luminance of a light may be high, but the light intensity is low. For example, the 3.5 watt spot Ecowat halogen lamp is for decoration, the light is a point, and it has more light than the general 15 watt lamp, but in practice, the brightness of both is the same. Ecowat downlight has the right brightness to illuminate a 25-meter room.

  1. The duration of the light, being turned on;

The time from the moment the switch is connected until the light reaches 85% of the nominal value determines the speed of a source. This parameter has a great impact on the comfort of using light. This means that we expect to turn on a place after pressing the key, and if this time lasts more than one second, it does not provide the desired comfort to the user. In lamps of the discharge family, such as fluorescent lamp and energy saving lamp, this time lasts between 10 seconds and one minute. This means that upon entering a place and connecting the key, you will wait for the lamp to fully turn on, and this waiting is psychologically undesirable.

During this time, the lamp tube and the plasma gas inside it are heated and the light intensity gradually increases. This problem does not exist in the 15-watt built-in lamp, and the LED lamp’s lighting time is a few thousandths of a second, which cannot be detected by humans, and the human eye actually sees the lighting of the lamp instantaneously. Tekwat 15W COB recessed light will turn on as soon as the power supply is established.

  1. A Flicker-free lamp;

Flicker is a type of blinking that is too fast for the human eye. This blink unconsciously causes eye muscle fatigue and pain. Also, this phenomenon is more common in moonlights with inductive transformers (the model before electronic transformers) and LED lamps without constant current drivers, and it reduces the quality of light consumed. The built-in light of Ecowat is with a constant current driver and its light is without flashing. Another advantage of constant current drivers is that the light does not depend on the  voltage, if the voltage of the power grid drops due to use in an environment with heavy motors or welding, the light of the Ecowat lamp will remain unchanged.

  1. Power consumption and power factor;

The power consumption of the light is the product of the voltage and the current consumption. The numerical power factor is between zero and one, and its higher value indicates how much current used in the lamp is used to produce light, and the lower it is, it means that there is unused current in distribution wires and transformers.

This coefficient is generally not important for domestic customers because domestic customers do not pay for reactive power. But commercial and office customers pay for reactive current and are required to use a power factor correction panel to compensate for it.

The built-in 15-watt COB LED Ecowat light has a power factor of 0.95, and all the input current to the lamp is converted into luminous flux, and the losses due to its reactive current can be neglected.

  1. Separate driver;

The separation of the driver from the COB and the lamp package increases the life of the driver elements, and this issue has been observed in the case of the 15-watt COB Ecowat recessed lamp.

  • The main uses of the 8 cm Ecowat resecced light;

Before buying the Ecowat 15W built-in lamp, we need to tell you its most important usages:

  1. General lighting of stores.
  2. General lighting of meeting halls and amphitheaters.
  3. Use as general lighting in working spaces.

Ecowat’s 8 cm recessed light has a 5-year unconditional warranty, and Ecowat considers itself obliged to replace its product with a new one in case of any possible problems.

Additional information

Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 8 cm
Luminous flux

1382 lumen in cool light

Rated power

15 W

Consumed power

14.7 W

Luminous efficacy

94.1 lm/w

Maximum light intensity

6653 candela

Body color

black frame, white frame

Angle of beam

20 degrees, 40 degrees

Dim ability

dimmable, non dimmable

Color and temperature

cool light (5700 k), natural light (4000 k), warm light (3000 k)

Color rendering index (CRI)


LED number and type

COB LED (48pcs Nichia Chips)

Input current

111mA, PF>0.55

Input voltage


Cut-out size

8 cm Cut-out size

Number of allowed switching

100,000 times

Time to reach 100% light

0 second

Amount of mercury (Hg)

0 gram

Ingress protection (IP)



300 g


Ecowat 3 years products warranty

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