recessed linear light – width: 9

recessed linear light – width: 9

  • CRI>95
  • Ecowat zhaga approved modules
  • High qualify aluminium case
  • Dialux plugin
  • Five years warranty
  • Made in Turkey



  • Modular structure with Ecowat production modules:

The size and dimensions of the linear lamp:

One of the limitations of producing a modular linear light is that you may not be able to have a linear light that exactly matches the dimensions you want because the modules are made in specific dimensions and placed together, and the final dimensions of the light always have a tolerance. On the other hand, the use of LED filaments, despite the ability to cut them to desired dimensions, has many disadvantages that we explained in the previous sections. These things can be worrying for designers and architects who are very careful in executing their plans. Ecowat’s solution for this problem is the production of Zaga standard linear light modules in different dimensions. Ecowat’s recessed linear light modules are produced in dimensions of 7, 14 and 28 cm, so that the light modules can be placed side by side during the construction phase. In this way, in the worst case, the Ecowat linear lamp should have a maximum difference of 9 cm with your desired dimensions. With the standard modules of Ecowat Zaga, you can always have a linear light according to the length you want by using the Ecowat linear lamp.

  • Do you need a brighter linear light?

The use of a bright linear light that, in addition to the decorative aspect, illuminates a large space is one of the wishes of many employers and building owners, because the decorative aspect of the linear light is generally considered more than its light value. There is an answer in Ecowat product portfolio to solve this problem. Ecowat’s high density modules are the solution to this problem. In the general Ecowat linear lamp series, each meter of Ecowat linear lamp consumes about 32 watts per meter, by using the Ecowat high density module, it is possible to use a lamp with a power of 45 watts and a luminous flux of 4300 lumens per watt, in compliance with all standards.

  • Recessed 9 linear light body without cutting edge:

The body of the recessed linear lamp without edge with a profile width of 9 cm and a height of 9 cm is made of quality extruded aluminum with a furnace color. This body has movable edges on each side that can be moved and adjusted at different heights so that they can be installed with any thickness of sheet plaster. If the body of the linear lamp is not damaged by physical impact, you can use a fixed body endlessly and replace only the modules inside the lamp when needed. The design of the profile of the Ecowat recessed linear lamp is such that with the increase of the strength of the structure, no deformation of the length of the lamp will occur over time, and the diffuser in the lamp will remain fixed in its place. This point is important because the structure of the roof or wall may change the shape of the body by pressing on a weak aluminum body in the long term, and this eventually causes the lamp diffuser to move and release and change its shape. Therefore, it is very important to observe this point and the high quality of the linear lamp body when using a recessed lamp.

Additional information

Linear light length

100 cm, 171 cm, 228 cm, 285 cm

Number of module lines

1 line, 2 lines

Case material

extruded aluminium

Body color

black, white

Color and temperature

cool light (5700 k), natural light (4000 k), warm light (3000 k)

Light source type

LED module

Module type

28 cm zhaga approved module made in Iran

Number of module

Can be ordered in any number

Color rendering index (CRI)


Luminous flux

2700 lumen in cool light

Rated power

36 W per meter, 72 W per meter

Luminous efficacy

91 lm/w




Flicker Free

Input current

156mA, PF>0.95, 280mA , PF>0.95

Input voltage


Energy class


Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)


Ingress protection (IP)


Optics type


Optics material


Optics feature

resistant to UV rays

Terminal type

BJB terminal

Terminal capability

With chain connectivity


3.3 Kg per meter

Wire type

0.75 single strand wire


Built-in installation bracket


commercial, home, office

Installation surface type

cement, knauf, MDF sheet, rabitz, wood


Ecowat 5 years linear lights warranty

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