180 watt LED COB floodlight

180 watt LED COB floodlight

  • Nichia High grade chips
  • High quality auminium case
  • Driver designed by Ecowat
  • Ability to turn on each COB individually
  • Customized in red and green lights
  • Three years warranty
  • Made in Turkey



  • Checking the features of the 180 watt COB LED flood light;

Ecowat 180W COB LED floodlight is a high-efficiency lighting solution for buildings, light tower bases, billboards, outdoor parking lots and other general floodlight applications. The engineering considerations that have been observed in the design of the Ecowat 180W COB LED floodlight have led to an increase in its lifespan and ease of use. In the following, in addition to mentioning the features and specifications of the 180 watt Ecowat floodlight, we also mention the most essential points that you should pay attention to when buying a COB LED floodlight.

  • Applications;

Outdoor lighting and large public spaces such as parks and gardens.

Also, the lighting of flag bases and billboards can be performed by this floodlight. The light distribution angle and light uniformity of this floodlight makes it suitable for lighting buildings, historical monuments and urban elements. The use of a high CRI chip has made this floodlight more clear and color effective, and it is very suitable for outdoor gatherings and parties. The entrance of hotels and spaces that have been decorated with flowers get a more beautiful effect using the light of this floodlight, and the colors appear much more natural under its light.

  • Body;

The use of an aluminum die-cast body causes efficient heat transfer and the heat of the LED chip is directed outside in the best way. Proper heat transfer of the body increases the lifespan of the COB LED and reduces its light loss during use. Also, the body is resistant to high-pressure water spray from all directions and prevents the penetration of dust. The body of the 180 watt Ecowat LED floodlight is designed in a way that it can be periodically washed with high-pressure water and brings maximum efficiency along with beauty. The tempered glass of the Ecowat floodlight increases the resistance of this product against bird strikes and heat/cold stress. The 180W LED Ecowat floodlight can be turned on when there is snow on it, and thermal expansion does not break the body or the glass.

  • Coloring:

The 180 watt Ecowat LED floodlight is coated with corrosion-resistant polyester powder paint, which makes acid rain and bird droppings not have the slightest effect on the performance and appearance of the product during use.

  • Installation;

By using a strong iron base and adjustment screws, the 180 watt LED floodlight is firmly installed in place and is supplied with electricity in the best way through long cables. The presence of pressure terminals for installation in internal areas and under the roofs makes the work of the installer easier.

  • Optical and electrical design;

Three separate COB chips and an external separate driver ensure the quality performance of the 180W COB Ecowat floodlight. From an economic point of view, a 180 watt driver with a 180 watt chip can create a lower production cost, but spreading the output load on two independent circuits reduces the pressure on the components and the proper heat dissipation of the LED.  Also, the placement of the driver outside the LED housing in the 180 Watt Ecowat LED floodlight makes the heat of the chip have the least effect on the driver and the driver is placed at the optimal point from a thermal point of view. Finally, the complete electrical independence of two COB chips has the advantage that if one of them fails for some reason, the other can provide light until the fault is fixed, and the failure of one chip or driver does not lead to a complete shutdown of the floodlight. In one sentence, the reliability of lighting design is higher with this method.

  • Radiation angle and coverage area;

The question that many customers ask when buying an LED floodlight is, “What kind of space does this floodlight illuminate?” Basically, this question is not exactly formulated in this way. Because before providing a light source in a space, the amount of light required should be considered first, and another point is the type of space in which the light shines and the amount of light reflection in it should be considered. After examining these two issues, we can say what type of light source is suitable for each environment. Basically, this type of question is similar to asking how much water is needed for humans. A child’s water needs are very different from an adult’s and an athlete’s during a race. Maybe one glass is enough for a child, 6 glasses for an adult and 15 glasses for an athlete. This issue is like the light used in different places. For example, 250 lux light is enough in a school classroom or office work. 500 lux light is required for libraries, laboratories and supermarkets and 1000 lux light for surgery room. This explains the fact that depending on the purpose, the number and type of light sources to illuminate an environment varies.

Ecowat’s 180 watt COB LED floodlight has a beam angle of 90 degrees, which means that if we stand at a distance of two meters from it, we will have an average light intensity of 2200 lux in a circle with a diameter of 4 meters.

  • What points should we consider when buying an LED floodlight?

In short, we can say that when buying an LED floodlight, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Use the floodlight as you needs.
  2. The color temperature of the light and its compatibility with your application.
  3. The beam angle of the LED floodlight.
  4. Type of light source (COB or SMD) and choose the right type according to your needs.
  5. Degree of protection and resistance of the floodlight to moisture and dust.

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 29 × 15 cm
Luminous flux

16700 lumen in cool light

Rated power

180 W

Consumed power

168 W

Luminous efficacy

99.4 lm/w

Maximum light intensity

9469 candela

Color and temperature

cool light (5700 k), natural light (4000 k), warm light (3000 k)

Body color


Dim ability

non dimmable

Angle of beam

90 degrees

LED number and type

3x(COB LED (216pcs Nichia Chips))

Color rendering index (CRI)



Flicker Free

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)




Input current

750mA, PF>0.95

Input voltage


Ingress protection (IP)


Number of allowed switching

100,000 times

Time to reach 100% light

0 second

Amount of mercury (Hg)

0 gram


5.4 Kg


Ecowat 3 years products warranty

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